Hi. I'm Eli and I'm 25. I like cats, beer, video games, and girls. These are my thoughts, inspirations, and feelings.

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And you aren’t making this easier on me

Everyday you keep holding back

Every second you waste not writing

It just really hurts how much you don’t


How you could never talk to me

Or how you always held yourself


From your true feelings

I’m much more hurt everyday

I wish you had just not said you were

going to write me a letter

My mailbox was never my first thought


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So I had 8 followers now I have 6. Woo.

Having good times with great people, but still having low moments is shitty.


Words of wisdom from Ron Swanson.

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Kitten rejected by mother and raised by golden retriever

I’m so happy for this little kitty

im cryin a bit

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someone didn’t follow the instructions on how to build a cat 

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I will not mourn you when you die

Because you weren’t there when I cried

Everything I gave in vain

All I received from you was pain

A mountain top I never reached

All the climbing never ceased

A battle that we often fought

A war was raged, but all for naught

I think of you as the worst

Lessons learned, and now I’m cursed

To bear this burden all alone

Always looking at your phone

If I was yours and you were mine

Why were we fighting all the time

I always told and you never asked

But for me young one “this too shall pass”

Regrets are tough, but so am I

That’s why I’ll not mourn you when you die